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About Us

Sentinel Gates is a family-owned and operated company which began when my father, a retired carpenter, and I built our first gate to provide protection for my active children. Since then, these gates have faithfully served not only New England natives, but people across America as well as some overseas. Since the harder times that have hit amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, my whole family has decided to dedicate time and effort to bring the aid of these gates to people across New England and beyond. Each gate is proudly handmade by our family in Cheshire, CT. Please read below about the inspiration which brought about this company.

My first home was on a busy road. We had four children at the time – all under the age of 7 and they enjoyed riding their bikes, big wheels, scooters and roller blades in the driveway. We had to park our minivan sideways at the end of the driveway to help protect them from the busy traffic…of course we also had to supervise their play. Back then I thought that there must be a better way to add protection for our children from busy traffic. Permanent gates were too expensive and the safety netting gates were just too flimsy…and esthetically lacking. Since then I have driven by dozens of homes with cars or minivans parked sideways at the end of the driveways, and I know that those parents are faced with the same dilemma. Furthermore, my wife was driving home one day when a little boy on his bike darted out into the middle of a busy street; my wife swerved suddenly and just missed the boy. She stopped to console the boy who himself was shaken up by the incident. My wife literally trembled all the way home thinking about how horrible it would be to accidentally harm a child. This was the last straw! I knew something had to be done to help our children play in a safer environment….and that is why I founded Sentinel Gates. These gates solve the dilemma of a sturdy gate that is movable, affordable, handsome, and most importantly plainly visible to both drivers and children.